Who we are


PALEO PLUS founder Michael Damer and Motivational Coach Christo Foerster

We are a team of passionate fitness and food lovers developing paleo based diet solutions for people with ambitions. We believe that there is not only one solution to live healthy, get fit and increase performance on all levels. We believe that your individual goals should determine your diet. And we also believe in the power of nature and evolution. That’s why PALEO PLUS stands for the combination of a primal diet and the best foods of today. Our first book PALEO PLUS – The perfect diet for crossfit athletes is a professional nutrition guide for everybody who is ready to work out hard and willing to experience a whole lot of new power.

Michael Damer

Michael Damer is a german-polish nutrition and food scientist specialized in natural fitness diets. He studied at the renown University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and wrote his thesis about a paleo based nutrition plan for crossfit athletes – the beginning of the PALEO PLUS story. But Michael Damer is far from being a theorist: He is working out intensely himself for quite a while, playing basketball on a professional level and working as a personal trainer for athletes. On his private blog PALEO CROSSFIT Michael Damer is sharing his thoughts, experience and news about what he believes is the perfect workout-diet-combination. Michael Damer is also sharing his knowledge in personal training sessions and lectures in english, german and polish language. Get in touch with him via damer(at)paleoplus.com

The team

Of course PALEO PLUS is not only run by one guy. There are a lot of great minds helping to implement and spread the word. Above all Christo Foerster, Motivational Coach, founder of the Natural Coaching Academy and the brand Dein bestes Ich®, Artjom Distel (distel(at)paleoplus.com) who is responsible for our online marketing and social media, PR director Sabrina Jesse (jesse@paleoplus.com) and photographer Klas Neidhardt.