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The right food at the right time. Discover the secret of the PLUS zone!

PALEO PLUS is the paleo solution for modern athletes and everybody who wants to perform better. PALEO PLUS is based on a natural diet due to stone-age principles, which gained new popularity by the brilliant scientist Prof. Loran Cordain under the name “paleo diet (see also What is paleo?)”. But: The PALEO PLUS method goes one step further and links the best of former times with the good of today.

PALEO PLUS integrates specific nutritional supplements and “exemptions” to the paleo diet – depending on the target you pursue. Therefore PALEO PLUS is in particular advisable for people who want to perform physically in a special, “supranatural” way. This is the reason why the first PALEO PLUS book is in particular aimed at crossfit athletes.

The requirements of the crossfit training are often that high that a pure paleo diet is not sufficient for covering the energy requirements and above all to achieve a performance increase. PALEO PLUS brings crossfit athletes a concrete plan when to eat and drink what to gain maximum power.

So if you are looking for a natural but modern diet to support your training and make you healthy, powerful and well shaped PALEO PLUS might be your solution.

Our nutrition guide for crossfit athletes is only the first step. There are more PALEO PLUS solutions to come.

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